Our unique approach to teaching correct ergonomic principles in the office environment has been developed over 25 years of providing services to assist individuals to return to work.

To teach ergonomic principles, we have developed the 7 Commandments of Ergonomics ©. The Commandments are interdependent; we use a logical progression to move equipment and tools, so that they are in the position suited to the individuals’ unique body build and work duties.

First, we identify the most frequent work tasks and the associated equipment and tools.  The equipment and tools are rearranged and/or repositioned applying the principles of the 7 Commandments of Ergonomics ©, ensuring that the individuals’ posture will be ergonomically correct while working.

The first Commandment ensures that the seated posture is correct, including the fit of the chair to the individuals’ body build.  The second Commandment makes sure that the chair is at the correct height to all work surfaces.  The rest of the Commandments build on the first two Commandments, and use a logical progression to move equipment and tools so that the arm, wrist and head are in an anatomically correct position.  The end result of the 7 Commandments of Ergonomics © is an ergonomically correct, custom designed work area.  The individual will experience a decrease in pain related to computer work, or will be able to alleviate the discomfort and pain already caused by office work and prevent injury.

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Take the 7 Commandments of Ergonomics © challenge.
Are you obeying the first Commandment:  SECURE THE SPINE?

7 Commandments of Ergonomics



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