Assessment Services are used within the medical-legal community and health
insurance industry to address specific inquiries related to one’s physical, functional,
psychological levels, both current and anticipated, and in the case of the head
injured, cognitive levels.

Recommendations are made regarding potential for return-to-work and/or rehabilitation.

The Therapist will:

  • Review relevant medical reports
  • Conduct standardized testing with comparison to normative data
  • Include objective observation supported by professional experience
  • Consider subjective reporting by client
  • Interview family members when appropriate
  • Analyze findings
  • Provide professional opinion regarding current and potential functional levels
  • Prepare a written report documenting test results, analyses and professional opinion
  • Be available for litigation consultation and expert testimony by court appearance

Assessment areas include:

  • Physical Ability
  • Functional Ability
  • Psychosocial Skills including Work Behaviours
  • Daily Living Ability
  • Work Capacity
  • Cognitive Analysis (brain injured clients)

Assessments used for Litigation Opinion

Physical Capacity Evaluations
Cost of Future Care Analysis
Professional Critiques

Assessments used for Determining Treatment needs and Employability

Functional Capacity Evaluations


3-Day Work Skills Assessment

Our company’s service delivery includes:

Assessment Services .::. Occupational Rehabilitation .::. Ergonomic Rehabilitation .::. Community Rehabilitation