Home Health Care “The Return of the House Call”

Occupational Therapy Services supporting the transition of injured, ill or disabled individuals as they return to their home, community, and work.

Circumstances resulting from injury, illness or disability necessitate the need for an occupational therapist to coordinate one’s rehabilitation services and the collaboration of other medical and rehabilitation professionals to enhance function and/or work return.

Our goal is to facilitate independence, safety, and the well being of individuals in the home environment and in their community following facility discharge, or as life situations change.

Our therapists provide in-home assessments to identify, reduce or remove barriers which affect one’s ability to perform “activities of daily living”, their occupation, and/or leisure pursuits independently.


Has sustained traumatic injury and is planning to return to their home environment following hospital or facility discharge

  • Recently injured, not resulting in hospital admission, however ability to manage independently at home is altered and requires assistance
  • Diagnosed with disease or disability, affecting one’s ability to function in the home, work setting, or in the community
  • Elderly individuals who are unable to independently manage “home management duties” and activities of daily living, and require recommendations for services and equipment for the home environment

We believe strongly that working with individuals in their home environment and community can increase our understanding of the barriers they face, and facilitate a faster recovery.

OT “House Calls” Offer Immediate Solutions

A recent accident, discharge from the hospital, aging or a disability can result in an unnecessary loss of independence and/or premature facility care.  The OT “House Call” provides in-home assessments to identify and remove barriers which are preventing people from doing things that are important to them.  This can include activities of daily living, such as cooking and self-care, as well as leisure interests and volunteer or paid work.

The Occupational Therapist (OT) will develop and help coordinate the individual’s independence plan.  Working in collaboration with other medical and rehabilitation professionals, the OT House Call will:

  • Assist in the transition from the hospital to home, ensuring that the   recovery process continues to move  forward;
  • Stabilize the client in the community (at home) by coordinating such needs as medical and paramedical services, housing placement, home support and childcare services;
  • Identify and reduce safety risks and performance barriers in the living environment by coordinating home modifications, recommending equipment, services or supplies to promote independence, and instructing the client in the proper use of adaptive equipment and planning;
  • Monitor recovery to ensure readiness for return to work, or other activities; and
  • Enhance independence in the community through use of transportation services.

OT House Calls provide a quick response to the person’s needs where they need it, at home and in their community.

Rehabilitation Management Services

Following an In-Home Assessment, an Occupational Therapist will provide on-going Rehabilitation Management to facilitate the client’s maintenance, by maximizing health and independence, restoring safe functioning levels with appropriate support networks.  Recommendations are made for goods and services to meet the client’s needs.

An itemized report details the services, equipment and supplies required to restore the injured individual, insofar as is possible, to their pre-injury roles.


OT Consulting/Treatment Services Ltd. now offers Acute Physiotherapy for MSP/WCB/ICBC and private patients

Our company’s service delivery includes:

Assessment Services .::. Occupational Rehabilitation .::. Ergonomic Rehabilitation .::. Community Rehabilitation