A Cost of Future Care Analysis (CFC) is an in-home, physical/functional assessment and interview to determine any impairments related to the client’s ability to perform activities of daily living.  An itemized report details the services, equipment and supplies required to restore the injured individual, insofar as is possible, to their pre-injury roles.

A CFC involves visiting and reviewing the client’s home, as well as their local environment and compiling the necessary medical information from all professionals involved (i.e. medical professionals, rehabilitation providers, etc.), regarding the individual’s needs.   The therapist then researches and provides a range of costs for all specific services, pieces of equipment and supplies necessary for their future care.  This analysis ensures that the recommendations are justifiable, that the costs are reasonable and that the recommendations fall within the occupational therapist’s area of expertise.  A CFC report is prepared in a format which can then be used to calculate future costs.


  • To determine loss of independence due to injury
  • To determine effects of permanent disability
  • To recommend services, equipment and supplies to compensate for lifestyle changes
  • To itemize expenses related to services, equipment and supplies
  • To plan for rehabilitation


  • Pre-mediation or pre-trial assessment
  • Following surgical procedure
  • When the injury has stabilized and rehabilitation plateaued
    Our CFC reports have been accepted by the Supreme Court of British Columbia since 1986 to assist in the determination of awards.

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