Job Readiness Assessment

A physical and functional screen of the individual to establish current ability to participate in a treatment program and graduated return to work.

Treatment Programs

The core team of Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists and Kinesiologists involve the worker in planning and setting goals related to exercise and work simulation activities in preparation for their return to work.  Daily 4- or 6-hour in-clinic treatment/education programs offer “injury specific” exercises, while increasing productivity and physical tolerance to work oriented tasks.

Job-site Visit

A brief review of the job demands, exploration of job modifications, and return to work opportunities.

Job Demands Analysis

Critical job demands and psychosocial factors are detailed after a comprehensive investigation of the physical and environmental demands of the job.

Graduated Return to Work (GRTW): planning, implementation and monitoring

Detailed report scheduling job duties and number of hours at the jobsite relative to the physical abilities of the worker.  Job coaching, symptom control techniques and other pro-active measures provided weekly.

Psychological and Medical Consultation

Psychological assessment and treatment assist to remove the non-physical barriers to return to work.

A medical professional specializing in occupational rehabilitation to assess and provide diagnostic clarity, in addition to medical recommendations which facilitate recovery and return to work.

Our company’s service delivery includes:

Assessment Services .::. Occupational Rehabilitation .::. Ergonomic Rehabilitation .::. Community Rehabilitation